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A brief introduction for glass raised floor

What is glass raised floor?

The glass raised floor is made of glass material through special treatment, so that we can step on the surface frequently. It is used for indoor and outdoor decoration and computer room decoration projects. We can see the situation under the floor clearly through the floor. It is an anti-static floor product to check wiring, instrumentation, and water leakage in the computer room.

Glass raised floor

Modern precision computer rooms need to check the operating status of the equipment at any time, while it is troublesome to remove the original floor. So we need to use a high-transparent anti-static glass raised floor. Due to the glass raised floor has the three primary high strength requirements, beautiful and practical, and anti-static. So we can apply them in machine rooms and computer rooms and install with all kinds of steel anti-static raised floor. The glass anti-static raised floor is made of unique metal materials and leading special glass. Also it has high technology content and is easy to install. You can use the original stringers and beams and replace the transparent raised floor.

Install with other raised floor


  • Good safety: The structure of glass raised floor can withstand any dynamic and static loads and impacts in the design environment. There is a specific anti-impact redundant design, which can resist the effects of certain extreme activities.
  • Good integration: The glass raised floor has different specifications and sizes to install it with steel anti-static raised floor, calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor, and various specifications of the composite anti-static floor.
  • High durability: The price of glass raised floor is not low, it belongs to middle and high-grade floor material, and the structure and material surface must be suitable for long-term use.
  • Good flexibility: Many users want some displays under the glass floor. It requires that the construction design of the glass floor should take into account the convenience of installation, adjustment, and movement.
  • Good aesthetics: We use glass floors to achieve the purpose of beautiful appearance and beautification of the environment. It can also improve the safety of the glass surface.

Application of glass floor


  • Increase permeability. It is more conducive to lighting.
  • It is convenient for people to display and observe the objects under the glass floor on the glass floor.
  • Like the ground of other materials, it is convenient for people to move around freely and place various facilities.
  • In scientific and technological experiments, put certain dangerous operations below, and people can observe and operate safely on the glass floor.
  • Increase the transparency and beauty of the environment where the glass floor is located, and beautify the environment.

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