Changzhou Titan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd

Changzhou Titan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of raised access floor, anti-static flooring and network floor. Since its establishment, the company has been striving to build the brand of the industry. After years of hard work, our brand “TitanFlor” has been recognized as one of raised floor industry with its excellent quality and considerate service.

We have gathered a group of high-quality, motivated, honest and dedicated professionals with great cooperation spirit, and has established a construction team with strict professional training, professional knowledge and mature technology. Product consultation, design concept, professional construction, proper maintenance and other aspects have the strength and foundation to provide a full range of services for the majority of users, and differentiated and differentiated from other companies, thus ensuring the advantages of Changzhou Titan.

Confidence comes from our strength, skilled employees, giving us unparalleled quality and winning a place in the fierce competition. Reliable quality, fast delivery and excellent after-sales service are the guarantees we give to our customers.

The quality of the product is the foundation of the enterprise, and the interests of the user are above everything else! Choose us because of quality products, reasonable prices, and caring service!

The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. People-oriented is the foundation of the company’s development. The employees with college and college diplomas account for the total number of employees. The company’s anti-static flooring products are sold throughout the country and abroad.

In view of the company’s network floor, anti-static floor, the originality and advanced technology of the system, as well as the trust of customers in the anti-static flooring of Titan, the projects they own are sold by anti-static floor, such as government agencies. Financial securities, radio and television, transportation, electronic equipment, industry, etc.
We uphold the tenet of providing high-quality products and providing intimate services to our customers. We provide perfect and professional service support for high-difficult and super-large project projects. It is your partner to complete high-level project engineering.

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