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Aluminum Raised Access Floor You Should Know

Aluminum raised floor is widely used in industries that are particularly sensitive to the environment. Such as semiconductor production, biological technology, biochemical technology, precision machinery, pharmacy, hospital, etc. The semiconductor industry is especially strict with indoor temperature and humidity. People should control the environment in a specific range.  To confirm that it won’t affect the process. As a result, if you want to keep the environment as clean as possible, you need them.

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Aluminum alloy anti-static floor consists of made of die-casting aluminum alloy ingot. It covers high quality anti-static veneer (2.0mm high quality PVC veneer and 1.2mm HPL anti-static veneer). You can see them in electronic workshop, central control room, medical workshop, and other places where need anti-static and dustproof. They need strict installation steps. People should wear certain clothes to enter the palces.

Composition and function 

Aluminum raised access flooring system includes raised floor, stringer and pedestal. The veneer of aluminum raised access floor need good conductivity. We sell two kinds of products: high pressure laminate (HPL) or conductive PVC tile.

Connect the stringer and the adjustable height pedestal with screws to form a stable support system. Lay the floor into the grid enclosed by stringers. Customize the pedesta in highly demanding clean room. The surface of pedestal can be galvanized process and baking process. These floor systems can provide over two inches of secluded space in your high-tech facility room to stack cables, wires, pipes, and so on.

aluminum raised floor system

Why install aluminum flooring system?

It have a firm system that offers unique advantages. For example, it eliminate tripping hazards. People can clean the floor easily. Besides, it makes your facilities easier to maintain. People also use them around medical equipment and other equipment without causing interference due to non-magnetic peculiarity. Aluminum raised floors weighs small. It’s easy for employees to move them. Installers can remove and replace the aluminum raised flooring easily. It’s easy to reconfigure when you want to change the design.

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