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Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor VS Steel Raised Floor — Titanflor

Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor VS Steel Raised Floor

There are many differences between Steel Raised Floor and Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor. We will analyze from the following points and let’s take a look.



Steel raised floor is made of good quality cold rolled steel sheet, which is stretched, spot welded, and coated with epoxy powder after having been phosphated. There is foaming cement fully filled, with corner-lock holes pouched in four sides of panel.

Calcium sulfate panel is made of high strength calcium sulfate core. The top surface can be stuck with all kinds of covering, the bottom can be covered with aluminum foil or galvanized steel sheet. Four edges are sealed with PVC edge trim.

Fire Resistance

Calcium sulfate raised floor shows the best fire resistance in a variety of raised floors, so it offers the most valuable solution for safety. Steel raised floor is also fireproof, but it performed not as well as calcium sulfate raised floor in high temperature environment.


Its maintenance and cleaning are easier, and the floor life is longer than the steel raised floor.

Recyclable Rate

The recyclable rate of calcium sulfate panel is about 80%. It is made of natural natural gypsum powder and reinforced fiber(primary and secondary fibers). But the steel raised floor can’t be recycled or it is difficult to recycle the steel after produced because of the foaming cement inside the steel raised floor.

Acoustic performance

The calcium sulfate panel provide excellent acoustic values. There is noise when walking on the steel floor at the first period after installation or moving heavy equipment on it.

Market factors


The price of calcium sulfate raised floor is higher than the steel raised floor. Under the same concentrate load of FS1000(454KGS),the price is higher than the steel raised floor.

Applicable place

Both of them apply for data center. The calcium sulfate raised floor is also suitable for the workplace which has strict ground requirements, such as dust proof and fireproof. In recent years, the demand of it soaring. This kind of situation arises from its unique performance advantage.

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