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How Do You Determine the Height of Raised Floor System

raised floor installation

The raised floor generally includes a floor panel, pedestal, and stringer, which can provide a space of more than 6cm to 2m under the floor. You can use this space to lay cables and pipelines to realize convenient follow-up maintenance and avoid high interruption costs. Generally, we need raised floors in intelligent office buildings, computer rooms, data centers, clean rooms, and other areas requiring line planning and allocation. The height of raised floor is also different according to different application places. So, how can we choose the most appropriate height?

wire allocation under the raised floor

1. General installation height of the raised floor

The installation height of raised floor mainly depends on the purpose of the space under the floor and the height of the whole room. As usual, the finish floor height of raised floor is 10-30cm. If you need to allocate the large wires under the floor, the distance between the raised floor and the ground shall not be less than 20cm; If you want to use the space under the floor as an air conditioning static pressure box, the height between the floor and the ground should be higher than 35cm.

heavy-duty pedestal with bracing

2. Determine the height according to different places

(1) In the intelligent office, installing the raised floor with the finish floor height 15 – 25cm, which is convenient to use trunking under the floor for wiring. In places with low floor height, the finished height can reach 6cm by using the low profile raised floor.

(2) In places with large wires and cables, such as computer room and data center, we recommend installing an anti-static raised floor with a finish floor height of 20-30cm for easy wire planning and allocating.

(3) In places where cable management and air distribution are necessary at the same time, the finish floor height should be higher than 30cm. And in some high-standard data centers, the finish floor height usually is 60-80cm. By using the heavy-duty pedestal and bracing system, the finish floor height of the raised floor can be up to 2.5m.

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