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How to Reduce Cost Cooling in Data Center — Titanflor

How to Reduce Cost Cooling in Data Center

The problem of data center cooling has become one of the top challenges faced by enterprises. Under the global advocacy of ‘green data center’, many enterprises demand to reduce the cost of data center construction, operation and maintenance. In fact, there are some simpler solutions to achieve efficient cooling effect. The cost is also lower.

Straighten out the cables under the anti-static floor

The overhead design of the anti-static floor can store disorderly wires. At the same time, carefully check all cables under the anti-static floor. Remove those useless cables to make more space. Use metal bracket or cable binding device to arrange the remaining cables. Then maximize the space under the anti-static floor and facilitate the air circulation. In addition, anti-static ventilation floor can be installed to improve ventilation rate.

Guide the flow direction of cold air

A very low-cost and innovative solution is to install some fences under the anti-static floor, to ‘circle’ the cold air in the fixed channel. Then guide the cold air to the required place. The fences under the floor can also be used to guide the cold air to the high-density machine frame, and then guide the hot air back to the air conditioner through the grid at the ceiling.

As like as two peas, not all ventilation pipes are exactly alike

The air flow intensity should be determined according to the ventilation ducts used. For example, grid like pipes can allow more air flow. Place the grid in front of the high-density frame to improve the cooling effect.

Minimize the gap as much as possible

Many cold air will leak out from the gap between the floor and the wall and the gap between the cable channels, it may reduce the cooling effect. Some low cost foam and washers can be used to fill the gaps so that gaps can be effectively reduced.

Sometimes, some foam plastics, plastic fences and cable bundles can also reduce the refrigeration problem. These ways can save costs and quickly effect. If these low cost solutions do not work, it is not too late to implement water cooling technology or purchase new air-conditioners.

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