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How would you choose the suitably raised floors?

raised floor system

There are many kinds of raised floors in the current market, mainly including steel raised floor(bare panel), anti-static raised floor, calcium sulphate raised floor, wood core raised floor, and aluminum raised floor.  In the face of so many choices, how would you choose the most suitable raised floor for the rooms? We can consider the following aspects.


1. Tips on choose raised floor: Application site

When choosing a raised floor, the first thing we should consider is the application site. Different places have different requirements, and the type of raised floor is also different. In the office building, intelligent office and meeting room, or in the reconstruction of the old building, you can choose the bare panel. You should first consider anti-static raised floors in data centers, computer rooms, control rooms, substations, laboratories, and workshops with anti-static requirements. In cleanrooms, dust-free workshops, microelectronics, semiconductors, precision engineering, and other industries, aluminum raised flooring is a good choice. Calcium sulphate raised floor and aluminum raised floor is very suitable for wherewith heavy equipment in the room, or there are high requirements for floor load.

wood pattern raised floor

2. Application effect

The effect of different raised floors after laying is also different. You can choose according to the overall decoration style. Generally, the veneer of the raised floor includes carpet, HPL, PVC, and ceramic tile. It would help if you chose the veneer according to the actual room conditions. And we don’t recommend you to use carpets if you do not want to maintain raised floors too frequently or in places with heavy traffic. At the same time, you should also take the texture and pattern of the veneer into consideration.

3. Maintenance

Finally, the customer cases of the manufacturer are also worthy of reference because these contents can directly reflect the application effect of raised floor and reflect the comprehensive level of raised floor brand to provide you with practical respect when choosing a raised floor.

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