Aluminum Raised Floor

The aluminum raised floor is made of die-casting aluminum alloy ingot (ADC12), the whole panel is formed at one time. The panels connect with pedestals, stringers, and gaskets, form a stable aluminum raised floor system. The space between ground and raised floor can accommodate and configure cables, air conditioners, pipelines, panels can be removed freely to facilitate inspection and maintenance. Its material and integrality bring light weight and excellent loading capacity.

Raised floor type

Solid panel is the standard type of aluminum flooring. The top surface can be covered with anti-static HPL, conductive PVC tile, or other coverings. There are also other types such as perforated panels, grating panels, window panels for various functions.

Why choose our aluminum raised floor

Advanced manufacturing process

We are dedicated to manufacturing and installing aluminum flooring used for clean rooms in semiconductor plants, equipped with 2000tons~2500tons advanced die-casting facility. We have accumulated 20 years of experience in die-casting production and a developing professional manufacturer of aluminum floors in China.

aluminum raised floor press machine

Continuous research and development

We have been engaged in research and development of manufacturing and engineering technology to improve and optimize aluminum panel design, enhance the products’ performance further, ensure stable quality, and meet customers’ needs.

aluminum raised floor quality control

A wide range of applications

We have accomplished many aluminum raised floor projects, among which electronic plants take the largest area. The most widely used locations include computer rooms, office IC test area, clean room, and illumination laboratory.

aluminum raised floor application

Excellent installation and after-sales service

We have been committed to providing customers with the perfect after-sales service, maintaining high-level communication and diligent service with customers for along time. That’s why we are recognized by domestic electronics and chip manufacturers and the engineering company specializing in clean room projects.

aluminum raised floor bottom