Customized Raised Floor Systems

We have produced raised floor systems for a long time, and we received different requests from the customer. In order to fulfill customer requirements, we customize and develop new raised floor. In different kinds of environment, different raised floor can make full use of their advantage.

For anti-static flooring, we develop different design. Without edge trim, avoid the disadvantage that edge trim can be fall from panel. The effect after installation can be flatter and more integrative. “F” edge trim is embeded between steel and top finish, it can be very firm and stable. The seam can be very tiny after installation, with better integrality. Patent HPL with printed edge, avoid the disadvantage that PVC edge trim can be fall from panel, and keep the black edge design. In different area, there are more raised floor systems such as vinyl raised floor, glass raised floor, ceramic raised floor, wood flooring raised floor, linoleum raised floor, etc.