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low profile raised floor

Low Profile Raised Floor

Low profile raised floor is mainly composed of slotted panel, cover board and pedestal. This system solves the height restriction of traditional network floor system, the minimum height be only 35mm. Equipped with advanced management functions for a variety of modern office power lines and data lines, the system provides methodic line planning and allocation.

Model: FS662-FS800
Size: 500*500mm
Materials: steel, cement
Installation: corner lock systems



Intelligent buildings which require super low height line planning & allocation

low profile raised floor project


  • Floor height adjustment range can be 35mm-150mm
  • Wiring by opening cover board instead of the panel
  • Interchange cover board and socket without cutting floors
  • Outlet is located on each cover board, wires can easily come out

Understructure and trucking

low profile raised floor and pedestal structure

Technical parameters

The raised floor will be with a safety factor of three times the concentrated (design) load, and is capable of meeting static and dynamic loads per CISCA Platform (Raised Access) Floors Performance Specification.

low profile raised floor technical parameter

Why low profile raised floor?

Mordern offices need to adapt different layouts with different users and lessees, traditional facilities always become obsolete due to wiring and wiring distribution problems created by organisational changes and advances in technology, so building designers and facility managers need to face the challenges of constantly changing space needs while keeping life-cycle costs down.

Low profile raised floor systems can realize fast and easy installation, quick wire and cable changes, enhancing the ability to reconfigure the offices without disrupting power, voice and data services, as well as the air distribution systems. Besides, it can reach super low height that other raised floor can not reach.

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