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Raised Floor Grommets: Accessory Needed in Data Centers

In the data center, computer room, control room, intelligent office building, clean room, and the need to lay a large number of wires and cables, we can usually find the existence of raised floor grommets.

grommet application

What is the grommets?

The grommet is a kind of accessory suitable for various types of raised floor. We always use grommets to place and run wires and cables under the floor system. Usually, we will cut a small opening on the floor and put the grommet in it. The grommet can protect the insulation layer of the wires from being worn by the sharp edge of the cut floor. Besides, it can flexibly carry out wiring under the raised floor.

grommet types

Main types of grommets

The common types of raised floor grommet are round grommet, square grommet, round brush grommet, square brush grommet, integral grommet, and split integral grommet. You can see them from the last picture. All of them have the same fuction.

raised floor grommet

Benefits of using grommet in raised floor system

1. Wires and cables can quickly pass through the raised floor, which can more clearly distinguish the wiring of various lines. At the same time, through the opening of the floor, it is convenient to add or remove cables.

2. The top cover or brush of the grommet can effectively seal the surrounding of the cable. That can prevent dust and other small objects from falling into the raised floor. As a result, it can effectively protects the wire. Moreover, it can also avoids the danger of tripping people walking nearby.

3. The brush grommet can form a good seal around the cable bundle, reduce the bypass airflow and increase the cooling airflow. Therefore, in the data center and other places, installing grommets can improve the efficiency of the cooling device. It can slao reduce the cost of infrastructure and maintenance.

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