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How to Wire Data Room — Titanflor

How to Wire Data Room

With the promotion of the era of big data, more and more enterprises begin to build their own data room. Some enterprises do not make reasonable planning in advance when wiring. It results in large area rework in later construction and maintenance. It is not only takes time and effort, but also increases additional costs. Therefore, when wiring the data room, we should make a reasonable plan. 

First, reasonable planning in the early stage

A good early planning can lay a good foundation for future use. In the planning, the location that is convenient for wiring shall be selected to avoid accidents due to winding and disorderly arrangement of lines in the future.

Second, detailed test

After laying the cable, use professional testing tools to test the cable one by one. If any cable fails to pass the test, replaced it in time to avoid large-scale rework in the later stage due to temporary laziness.

Third, wiring pipe size

Do not limit to the required wiring pipe size, for the future to make plans in advance. In the use process will continue to increase the cable. Buy larger than the required size of the wiring pipe, and do not lose big. Increase the later burden.

Fourth, keep the cable cool

Many enterprises only pay attention to the cooling of the server, ignoring the high temperature caused by a large number of centralized cables, which hides a great security risk. If not cooled in time, it will also harm the entire data room. So pay attention to cooling when wiring and rack.

Fifth, mark the cable

In the process of maintenance, there is often a situation of not knowing which line to connect. It increases the difficulty of maintenance greatly . Imagine that when a cable goes wrong, the maintenance workers need to check each cable to find out which is the culprit. If the label is pasted in advance to indicate which machine each cable connects and its purpose, the problem line can be found quickly during maintenance Cable, greatly saving time and energy.

Sixth, install anti-static floor

The overhead design of the anti-static floor can effectively store the disordered cables, remove them quickly, facilitate daily maintenance and repair, and the anti-static floor also has the function of dissipating static electricity, preventing accidents caused by the static sparks generated by the long-term static electricity accumulation of the equipment in the machine room, and at the same time, it can be matched with the anti-static ventilation floor for heat dissipation, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone.

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