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Three Steps to Control Electrostatic in Clean Room

In most clean room area, we will use aluminum raised floor for large wires and heavy equipment. Under such circumstance, how to control the electric in clean room is the problem that always thinking. In most conditions, it is important to control electrostatic in clear room. Because the static can influence the work of equipment. Now we will show you three steps in controlling the static. It can help you know more about the solutions of design and installation.

Reducing the static 

First, you should reduce the static. The best measurements are as follows.

  1.  Try to choose the production procedure that are less friction. Use similar equipment to reduce electrostatic charges during the process of friction.
  2.  Then, try to use static conductive or static dissipative materials to reduce the accumulation of static. For example, you can choose ESD flooring to reduce the static caused by equipment.

Bleeding to control electrostatic

The second step is bleeding. The most common measure in microelectronic production is earth connection to control electrostatic. Use static conductive or static dissipative material, ion eliminator, etc. to control electrostatic.

  1. Earth connection clean room should be an in dependent system. So that static of the metal cases of all equipment, metal pedestals and anti-static equipment could be bleed into the earth effectively. The workers could use wrist strap or anti-static shoes to bleed static.
  2. There are a few insulated conductor or insulation materials in ion eliminator, components, production lines or work stations. Under some circumstances, ion eliminator is only used to eliminate static in some parts. 
  3. Static conductive or static dissipative materials are also excellent electrostatic discharge materials which are safer than metal materials. It is widely used in anti-static equipment, such as floors, walls, workstations, turn-over containers.

electrostatic control

Anti ESD

Last but not least, you can use anti ESD to reduce the static. In order to prevent ESD in the electrostatic sensitive components, one way is to provide suitable earth connection to eliminate the static. The other way is to use suitable packaging and material to deal with the electrostatic sensitive components. Moreover, they can prevent electric charge existing in the product and reduce the movement of product in the package.

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