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What Is Steel Perforated Panel And Why Choose It

In some data centers and other intelligence rooms, we need to use a special raised floor. So, what is a perforated panel? Next, we will briefly introduce one of them, steel perforated panel.

What is steel perforated panel

Steel perforated panel with 600*600 mm, 35 mm thickness is made of high-quality steel. The steel sheet draws, punches, spot-weld and powder-coat. It has perforated surface with 16%-65% airflow rate. The factory supply it with or without mechanical damper.  

Perforated Air Flow Panel fits within the access floor grid for all stringer systems. So that means it is an integral component of the access floor. The perforated panel delivers and controls the flow of cool underfloor air conditioning into computer, equipment room environments where produce high amounts of heat.

Why choose steel perforated panel

The structure of steel perforated panel decides the use of it. That’t why we choose it. 

Easy to interchange

The perforated air flow panel measures 600 mm x 600 mm which allows it to fit within the stringer access floor grid. When future changes are required, the perforated air flow panel can be easily re-located, as it is interchangeable with the other access floor panels. Most importantly, many situations could happen in the use of raised floor, we can inspire the condition easily through the steel perforated panel.

Good design

The perforated air flow panel is designed to deliver a constant rate of air-flow to a computer or equipment room. The rate of air-flow to the room is dependent upon the pressure within the underfloor plenum. And the worker can exchange it easily when the perforated air flow panel is fitted with a damper.

Perforated panel damper

Excellence performance

To produce the best performance, areas of medium loading and normal foot traffic apply this kind of perforated panel. Perforated air flow panels show stronger. They will perform better under load than their corresponding sized Aluminium Air Grilles.

Control over air-flow

Given a constant plenum pressure, the rate of air-flow changed when an adjustable damper works. Through the galvanized adjusting the damper, the future airflow changes easily. Then the heat load gets lower. To avoid the problem of much heat, the machine should cool down through the air flow system.

Anti-static panel surface finish

It also has a high pressure laminate surface finish or conductive vinyl flooring to match access floor panel. Because of the finish, it provides a hard wearing surface and maintains the anti-static requirements of the room.

Specify with a choice of systems

The design of Perforated Air Flow Panels apply with complete range of access floors. For example,either calcium sulfate access floor systems or wood core access floor systems can use these perforated panel instead.

After the brief introduction, you must know more about this kind of steel perforated panel. For more information, just contact us.

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