Why Raised Floor

Raised floor has been applied to industrial and commercial buildings for decades of years, and it is still widely used nowadays. Raised floor is irreplaceable in some particular occasion, because it does face the challenges and offer the solutions.

Advantage of Raised Floor

What problems do we face

Modern offices need to adapt different layouts with different users and lessees, traditional facilities always become obsolete due to wiring and wiring distribution problems created by organisational changes and advances in technology, so building designers and facility managers need to face the challenges of constantly changing space needs while keeping life-cycle costs down. In data centers, computer rooms and all places with large numbers of electronic devices, owners need to find a way to eliminate the harmful effect to all their devices, so their service life can be extended, at the same time, huge and complicated wiring is a big headache.

Why Raised Floor

The advantage of raised floor

Raised floor systems can realize fast and easy installation, quick wire and cable changes, enhancing the ability to reconfigure the offices without disrupting power, voice and data services, as well as the air distribution systems. With anti-static materials on top, raised floor systems can effectively conduct static, distribute conditioned air.

There are different kinds of materials for raised floor, they can meet all kinds of your requirements. Good loading capacity and conductivity, water-proof, fire-proof, antisepsis and sound insulation, excellent acoustic properties, etc. Some materials such as calcium sulphate raised floor, aluminum raised floor are recyclable. At the end of raised floor life, recoverable indicator is a very important factor in both economical and environmental aspect nowadays.

Why Raised Floor