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12 Maintenance Methods for Raised Floors

12 maintenance methods for raised floors 

There are something we have to pay attention to when you have installed raised floor. For our children, we gave birth to them but did not raise them. Is that okay?
For our products, we sell them without after-sales service. Is that okay? For our raised floor, we don’t maintain them when we install them. Is that okay?
Certainly not.

Before installing the raised floor

1. The construction environment requires temperature of 10-30 °C, relative humidity 30-70%, temperature change rate ΔT≤15 °C/hour and no frequent vibration (source). Chemical environment requires no high-corrosion volatile substances
2. Don’t lay water pipes under the floor, which is easy to cause danger.

During installation

3. Don’t use sharp instruments to directly operate on the raised floor surface to prevent the anti-static performance and aesthetics of the damaged surface.
4. When moving equipment on the raised floor, don’t directly push the equipment on the board surface and scratch the floor. The correct way is to lift the equipment for handling.
5. Do not place objects that are too heavy on the floor. When the equipment room has heavy equipment, the equipment should be directly placed on the ground base, and it should not fall directly on the floor to cause long-term load and deformation of the floor.

Routine maintenance

6. When performing maintenance on the lower floor equipment, use the suction plate to operate the floor, and it is forbidden to use the sharp device to disassemble.
7. Use the vacuum cleaner or mop to keep the surface clean during maintenance. In particular, do not spray liquid on the floor to avoid affecting the normal operation of the line and equipment under the floor.
8. The raised floor surface can be regularly maintained with anti-static wax to ensure the use of the floor for a long time.
9. Personnel are prohibited from jumping directly from the height to the floor. Don’t operate the equipment and bruise the floor.
10. Don’t washes directly with water but clean it with a mop which is wrung out.
11.Try to avoid strong sunlight for a long time to illuminate the floor, resulting in aging and deterioration of the floor, affecting the service life of the network floor.
12.Try to clean the surface of the network floor with volatile detergent. Don’t clean the floor with hard objects such as iron brushes.

Only in these ways can we protect the raised floor well. Have you remembered?

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