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How to Choose Perforated Raised Floor?

As we all know, there are various cabinets and wiring cables in the data center, computer room, and other areas. So the indoor temperature of the computer room and the temperature between lines will rise when it works. Increasing the cooling capacity of the entire room is the most-used solution in the past. That will increase energy consumption, and local hot spots will appear from time to time. Therefore, most data centers will install the perforated raised floor for heat dissipation and ventilation at present. In this case the temperature will fall with the original cooling system.

data center

Types of anti-static perforated raised floor

The anti-static perforated raised floor comprises all steel, aluminum alloy, cast aluminum, and other materials. You can choose a suitable ventilation rate according to the different ventilation requirements of the installation site. The ventilation rate of the two materials is generally between 17% and 60%. Those undemanding computer rooms will use steel perforated raised floor while demanding computer rooms will use aluminum perforated raised floor. The cost of aluminum alloy raised floor is relatively high, and the performance and price will also be higher.

Titan steel anti-static perforated raised floor: You can customize the ventilation rate. The ventilation rate of stell perforated raised floor can reach 20%-75%. At the same time, we can install a damper on the back of the perforated raised floor to adjust the ventilation rate.

steel perforated panel

Titan aluminum anti-static perforated raised floor: You can customize the ventilation rate. The ventilation rate of aluminum perforated raised floor can reach up to 55%. Also, we can use with an intelligent fan system. An automatic temperature control fan provides a cooling effect through an intelligent temperature control board, automatically turning on when conditions require additional cooling.

aluminum perforated panel


  1. High dimensional accuracy and good interchangeability
  2. The floor can be cut arbitrarily, easy to install accessories
  3. Fireproof, anti-static, anti-corrosion
  4. Fixed on four sides for easy installation
  5. Recyclable, economical, and environmentally friendly

Aluminum air-flow raised access floor system

In addition to the data room, the anti-static perforated raised floor is also widely used in cleanrooms and monitoring rooms with ventilation requirements. The perforated floor greatly solves the conditions of heat dissipation and air supply.

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