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Take Care of Your Raised Floor in Summer

raised floor in summer

The high temperature and humidity in summer will make us feel unpleasant and make our raised floor “uncomfortable”. High temperature and humidity will cause lasting damage to the raised floor and significantly shorten the service life of the floor. Strong sunlight irradiates the surface of the raised floor for a long time, which will lead to permanent discoloration of the floor. Therefore, in summer, we can take care of our raised floor in the following ways.

install curtain

1. Install curtain

The summer’s light and ultraviolet are relatively strong, and the long-term exposure to the sun will lead to the fading and discoloration of the raised floor. Installing curtains in the room or pasting reflective films on the windows can effectively avoid direct sunlight on the floor to maintain the color of the floor and prevent fading.

2. Use the air conditioner

Because it becomes rainy in summer, the humidity in the air will be relatively high, and a large amount of moisture in the air will cause the floor to tilt up. At the same time, the high temperature during the day will cause the floor to expand or even bend, but the temperature at night will decrease, and the floor will shrink. This frequent expansion and contraction will cause permanent damage to the floor. However, if you have an air conditioning system in the room, you can maintain constant temperature and control humidity, which helps to produce the above phenomena.

3. Regular cleaning

Dust and dirt may enter the floor’s under part through the gap of the raised floor, causing potential problems. Regular cleaning can prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt and improve the efficiency of air conditioning and air circulation efficiency.

4. Regular inspection

If there are rubber sleeves on the brackets of the equipment or chair legs in the room, you need to check them regularly and do the replacement in time. Otherwise, the rubber cover may oxidize on the raised floor under a high-temperature environment and affect the subsequent use.

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