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Anti-static Raised Floor’s bottom plate is hemispherical

1. Classification of anti-static flooring

We divide the anti-static raised floor into four types based on the commonly used base: cold-rolled steel, calcium sulfate, wood-based, and die-cast aluminum. We produce the products such as steel anti-static raised floor, calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor, wood-core anti-static raised floor, perforated panel, ceramic anti-static raised floor, aluminum anti-static raised floor, etc.

Steel raised floor cutting

2. Composition of anti-static floor

We make the shell of steel anti-static raised floor with good quality cold-rolled steel. We stretch the bottom plate into a hemispherical shape by hydraulic press. After the step, we adopt advanced multi-point welding technology to weld the floor. Then fill the steel anti-static raised floor with lightweight foam cement. We stick high-pressure laminate (HPL) or conductive PVC tile on the surface plate, trim the black conductive PVC edge strips around anti-static raised floor. In this case, the steel anti-static raised floor’s bottom plate will have many hemispherical grooves.

Steel raised floor

3. Why is the bottom plate of the all-steel anti-static floor hemispherical?

Steel anti-static raised floor is composed of surface and bottom two layers of steel plates. The bottom plate is generally of better quality than the surface steel plate. So that we can stretch the bottom plate of the steel anti-static raised floor into a hemispherical shape. Then the hemispherical design of the bottom plate can increase the contact surface with the upper steel plate. It plays a role in stabilizing the filled foamed cement, reducing the hollow feeling when walking on it, and improving the stability. If the steel anti-static raised floor laid in the computer room is groggy step by step, it’s hazardous. It’s likely to occur accident in a significant probability.

raised floor application

In addition, the hemispherical design of the bottom plate of the steel anti-static floor can significantly improve the carrying capacity. If the carrying capacity of one piece anti-static floor is insufficient, it will be deformed easily. Not only can it not support heavy equipment, but it could also even be a safety hazard for people to walk on it.

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