The Reasons for The Anti-static Accident in The Factory

Many factories use a lot of anti-static products, but why do static damage often occur?
First, no anti-static product testing equipment.

The most common mistake is that many companies purchase a lot of anti-static products. However, they do not purchase some commonly used anti-static product testing equipment. We know that each product has a certain period of use, and the quality is good or bad. Without some commonly used testing equipment, we do not know whether the product is damaged and whether the quality is good. In this way, there is no anti-static effect.

Second, use anti-static products as ordinary products.

Many companies use anti-static products as ordinary products, thinking that they can continue to be used without deformation or cracking. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Third, wear only anti-static shoes and no anti-static clothes.

In addition to wearing anti-static shoes, people must wear anti-static overalls to better control the static electricity of the human body. Because clothing can also carry very high static electricity, especially nowadays most clothing is chemical fiber, which can generate thousands of volts of static electricity.

Forth, no anti-static floor and wrist strap.

We know that the static electricity of the human body is usually guided through the anti-static shoes to the anti-static floor, or to the ground through the wrist strap. If there is no anti-static floor and anti-static wrist strap, the static electricity of the person will be difficult to conduct.