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What is Aluminum Raised Floor

What is Aluminum Raised Floor ?

Aluminum raised floor is a special raised floor in many different kinds of raised floors. What is the special about aluminum raised floor?


It is made of high strength and pure cast aluminum. Due to vacuum die casting process, the aluminum panel has good mechanic strength and excellent performance of anti-corrosion.  It is good for anti-wear and anti-static coated with static epoxy powder and light gloss. It suits for high requirements of dust-proof electronic equipment factory and clean rooms. 



1. All steel structure, high mechanical strength, strong load capacity and good impact resistance;
2. The surface is electrostatic spray, soft light, abrasion resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dust-proof, corrosion;
3. Pasted decorative high-pressure laminate with excellent wear resistance, anti-static performance and anti-pollution;
4. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly and durability;
5. Fixed on four sides, easy to install. So you can cut the floor freely and it is easy to install the accessories;
6. We use the lower space as air conditioning ventilation. You can also adjust floor ventilation rate with ventilation panels;
7. For overweight equipment, it can solve the bearing problems when add the bracket under the floor;
8. Easy to disassemble. It is reusable because of the material if the replacement of decorative veneers;
9. When install the ground socket, you can open the hole according to the types of the ground socket;
10. It is recyclable and economical.

Installer and material clean requirement

Due to the strict clean room cleanliness requirement, we should clean all the aluminum panels by air pump before packaging. So that we can avoid the equipment failure due to the dust. At the same time, the installers must wear special uniform, shoes, cap and gloves. Cut the panel outside of the clean room before installation to ensure dust free environment.

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