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Anti-static Raised Floor Installation

The installation of the anti-static raised floor seems simple, but in fact there are hidden secrets. You will know if the workers are experienced or not after viewing the result of the installation. Many people don’t understand why, the same room, the same installation method, why the finished result is completely different?

As we all know,  first we should combine the bracket, the beam, and the screws into a mesh structure. Place the anti-static raised floor on the mesh structure at last. However, there is one of the most important steps, leveling, which many novice installers can not do well. The floor of the room may be uneven. We can hardly see it with the naked eye. Therefore, infra-red level ruler need to be measured whether the built bracket is on the same level or not. If they are not on the same horizontal line, they need to be adjusted one by one. This seemingly simple action is the soul action of the entire installation of anti-static floor. Without this step, it will be different. It’s also the advantage of anti-static raised floor.

raised floor installation

In addition, an important reason is the flatness of the floor itself. It won’t get the satisfied result no matter how to adjust the raised floor if the material is unqualified. So we suggest Titanflor anti-static raised floor.


high quality raised floor

Now you see, it’s not a simple thing to install the raised floor. That is why when accepting. The ground of some of the same rooms is smoothly and beautiful. And other rooms is rugged. Installation of anti-static raised floor needs not only rich installation experience but also circumspection.

If there are requirements for anti-static, we need to connect to the ground. Following is the grounding method of all kinds of anti-static raised floor.

First,  anti-static raised floor system

1. Ordinary grounding mode. We only need to connect the grounding wire in the room to the bracket under the floor.
2. Standard grounding mode. Lay copper rows on the ground where need to install anti-static floor. Lay the copper rows on each side to connect with the grounded wire with the room. Connect the copper wire with bracket every 2 meters, so that the anti-static effect will be better.

raised floor installation copper bars

Second, straight spread PVC anti-static floor

Leave a wiring head in each corner to connect with the grounding wire conveniently when laying conductive copper foil. We should lay several grounding wires to ensure the anti-static effect if the area is large.

copper foil

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