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Benefits of Raised Floor in Office

When decorating a 5A intelligent building or refitting an old building, the raised floor system in office is a good solution for creating an open and tidy environment. Raised floors can make the office look beautiful. Moreover, it have excellent fire resistance and durability. This article will specifically introduce you the benefits of using raised floors in building offices.

raised floor with carpet

Situation of office

There are many cables, wires, and sockets in any offices in a comprehensive intelligent office building. At this time, the use of raised floors can prevent the lines from being exposed and create a safer office environment. Meanwhile, you can carry out the organized and regular wiring under the floor. It is convenient for wire maintenance and modification. Especially when adjusting the staff’s workstation, the wiring system does not need to undergo significant changes, as long as it lifts the floor and directly pulls over the wire.

If you want to repair a regular floor system, it is usually necessary to lift and remove a large piece or replace the floor entirely. For the raised floor, since lay the floor separately on the pedestal, you only need to replace the damaged floor individually. So that the maintenance will become faster, simpler, and economical.

raised floor inoffice

Materials of raised floor in office

In addition, the material of raised floor is all steel. For instance, the upper is hard steel. The bottom panel is stretch steel. And the middle infills foamed cement. Such a floor has no formaldehyde, no radiation, moisture-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Usually, the raised floor is also used together with the carpet. The patterns and colors are rich and varied. It can meet different decoration styles. The raised floor system after covering the carpet can also isolate solid-borne sound. It can reduce inter-layer noise, and provide a comfortable office environment.

If you need more help and advice on using raised floors in the office, you can contact us Titanflor for more information.

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