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Office Floor Renovation and Raised Floor Systems

Office is like food, both of them have the shelf life. With the long time offices used, there are more or less questions which effect office life. Enterprises will renovate office floors and change the decoration styles. So that employees will feel comfortable and keep a good emotion.

office renovation

There are some points of office renovation.

1. Hidden work of office floor renovation

Computers, printers and other electric equipment are often used in offices. Therefore, when we renovate office floor, we should reserve the position of boxes, electric outlets, wires of equipment and so on. If our hidden work is of high quality when we decorate the offices at the first time, we can only do simple transformation. And don’t need to design this part. At this time, the advantages of raised floor fully appear. All kinds of wires can reach every corner of offices through the space under raised floor.

hidden work of office floor renovation

2. Detect hidden dangers

Hidden danger should be found, for example, whether the wire plug hole is overloaded. The first decoration for office may be unreasonable, which dues to overload work of plug hole, and leads to great hidden dangers. So, it is necessary to reserve the position for wire boxes, electric outlets, etc. At this time, raised floor shows its advantages again. Raised floor is exchangeable and can be rewired at any time.

detect hidden dangers

3. Enterprise culture

Modern office transformation will show humanistic care and corporate culture. But maybe it will not adapt the development of the times after a period. But if you choose raised floor,  lay the carpet on the floor surface, which enhance the comfort of office environment, and the employees will feel at home. So if you want to decorate the office, just choose the right carpet for office floor renovation.

enterprise culture

4. Cost budgeting for office floor renovation

It will cost a lot to transform the office completely. But if the enterprise use raised floor, it can save a lot of costs. In a world, using raised floor for office floor renovation is a long-term solution.

cost budgeting

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