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Why Anti-Static Raised Floor in Computer Room Still Popular ?

anti-static raised floor in computer room
When laying the computer room floor, although there are other schemes similar to the suspended ceiling, the anti-static raised floor system is still the best choice. Because anti-static raised floor has the advantage that other means cannot replace, for example, convenient line, avoid static electricity harm, good ventilation and laying are convenient, etc. This article will show the advantages of installing anti-static raised floors in computer rooms.
anti-static raised flooring

1. Anti-static raised floor in computer room flexible installation

One of the benefits of anti-static raised flooring is its flexibility. Because the anti-static raised floor system comprises a floor, pedestal, and stringer is easy to replace. Moreover, it can minimize interference to update the equipment room. It also provides greater flexibility for equipment change and increases in the future.

2. Convenient wiring

Anti-static raised floors provide a relatively safe wiring space for the complex cables in the computer room. So there is no risk of operators tripping over the wires. Simultaneously, the installation of raised floors in the computer room also prevents the cables from being exposed to the computer room for a long time. Meanwhile, it prevents the cables from deteriorating insulation due to the heat of the equipment in the computer room. Therefore, the anti-static raised floor ensures the cleanliness of the room environment and reduces the generation of safety problems.

3. Good ventilation

Use the space between the raised floor and the ground, together with perforated panels. It can get good air conditioning static air storage for the computer room. No matter where the computer equipment is, air can be supplied through the vents of the anti-static raised floor.
anti-static raised floor installation

4. Dissipation of static electricity

The most significant advantage of laying the anti-static raised floor in the machine room is to eliminate static electricity hazards. In installing an anti-static raised floor, we will generally do grounding processing to dissipate the static electricity. Cause they generated by various mechanical equipment to avoid the failure of the machine.

Because of the advantages above, anti-static raised floor is still the popular in computer room.

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