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OA Network Raised Floor VS Steel Anti-static Raised Floor

At present, the most popular raised floor in the market is steel anti-static raised floor and OA raised floor. Because both of them can provide specific suspended space between the horizontal base and the panel for wiring. However, anti-static raised floor and OA network raised floor are essentially different. This following article will discuss the differences between the two floors from definition, application, and structure.

anti-static raised floor and OA raised floor

1. Definition of these two raised floors

Steel anti-static raised floor is a kind of access floor that can dissipate electric charge when grounded or connected to any lower potential point. The main character is the resistance can be between 10^4 and 10^9 ohms, which can inhibit the generation of electrostatic discharge or static electricity.

OA raised floor solves the problem of embedded wiring in traditional floor and wall, which is a kind of raised floor convenient for the network expansion of modern office floor and office room. This kind of floor adapts to information automation technology’s specific requirements for intelligent buildings’ environment. It makes the operating system and control system effectively linked together. The office automation is high, and the place is more comfortable, clean, beautiful, efficient, convenient, and flexible.

application of anti-static floor

2. Application of OA network rasied floor and Anti-static one

The anti-static raised floor applied in the computer room, data processing center, control room, laboratory, office building, bank, and so on. The OA raised floor is more suitable for large office buildings, intelligent buildings, government agencies, financial institutions and so on. To sum up, the anti-static function is the most important difference betweeen anti-static rasied floor and OA network raised floor. That is why we choose different rasied floor for different areas.

application of OA floor

3. Structure

The bottom plate of these two types of raised floors are steel plate. The panel is hard steel plate. Fill foamed cement in the middle. Cover the surface with phosphating treatment and HPL or PVC veneer covers on the upper surface. The OA network raised floor’s surface is sprayed with epoxy resin after phosphating. At the corner, there is a corner lock. When in use, carpet or other surface layers will lay on the floors. The whole steel anti-static raised floor system comprises floor, pedestal, stringer. OA raised floor system composed of floor and pedestal.

As the main functions of the anti-static raised floor and OA raised floor are the same, the processing technology and market price are different. So consumers should choose to buy raised floor according to the actual needs.

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