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Stringers and Pedestals of Anti-static Raised Flooring System

Anti-static raised flooring system includes steel raised floors, stringers, pedestals, screws, veneers. Workers connect the stringer with adjustable pedestal to form firm lower support system. The floor is inlaid into the grid enclosed by the stringer. The kinds of veneers include PVC finish, melamine veneer, HPL veneer, ceramic veneer, etc. Meanwhile, there are related auxiliary accessories, such as screws, panel lifters, wiring boxes, etc. In short, anti-static raised floor is convenient to install and disassembly. Only if you change the decorative veneer can you recycle use the floor.
anti-static raised floor system

General height of anti-static raised floor pedestal

Anti-static raised flooring system is composed of floor, stringer, pedestal. They provides high bearing anti-static working surface and space for laying various lines under the floor. Arrange the cable boxes on the floor so that electrical equipment, office equipment will be provided with electrical appliances, data sockets and cable ports. The common pedestal height is 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm. They are usually seen at machine room, computer room, dust-free workshop, command room,etc. Of course, it’s due to the requirement of each room.
kinds of pedestal

Characteristics of anti-static raised floor

Anti-static raised floor is all steel structure which is of high strength, strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance. And all raw materials of anti-static raised floor have high quality anti-static performance. So that the performance of floor system is stable. Meanwhile, veneers of anti-static raised floor are anti-static which is the most important fuction of rasied floor applications. At the same time, high dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly and convenient. Anti-static raised floor is anti-aging. It’s of high quality, when the hardness up to Mohs 7 degrees, the service life will be more than 10 years. Moreover, the ceramic floor system resistance is stable and durable.
application of anti-static raised floor

Materials ratio

According to the construction and installation experience of 600*600mm anti-static flooring, we usually provide each floor with 1.9 stringers, 1.2 pedestal and 3.8 screws as the normal equipment ratio in the industry. You can offer the square meters and get the accurate quantity of raised floors and accessories.

pedestal and stringer

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