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Raised Floor Veneers — HPL, PVC and Porcelain

The raised floor system uses pedestals and stringers to create a suspended space between the original building floor and raised panel. Clients can use this space for wiring and air supply. Because of its good comprehensive performance, this new floor is more and more popular in the market and very suitable for offices, computer rooms, data centers, etc. According to different users and requirements, people can also choose various raised floor veneers to meet the market demand.

veneer of raised floor

Bare finish

The common raised floor venneers with the bare finish is also called the OA network raised floor. The surface of the floor is conductive epoxy spraying, which has high wear resistance. Most 5A grade office buildings and intelligent offices use network floors. Usually, people lay carpets cover the surface for decoration. Their load capacity vary from 500kgs to 1500kgs.

HPL finish

HPL raised floor veneers also has another name of melamine veneer. It is made of base paper processed by melamine resin and phenolic resin. HPL finished raised floor is a cost-effective anti-static raised floor. It has high wear resistance, good anti-static effect, high-temperature resistance and so on. At the same time, there are different patterns for choose. However, in a cold or dry area, it is easy to crack.

PVC veneer

The primary material of PVC veneer is vinyl, which has the character of lightweight, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging. PVC veneer can also avoid the cracking problem of HPL veneer in a cold environment. However, the wear resistance is poor. Similar to HPL finish raised floor, PVC finish raised floor also has good performance of anti-static. Engineers usually use these two kinds of the raised floor in computer rooms, data centers, and other places that need anti-static.

Porcelain veneer

The porcelain veneer is made of anti-static porcelain tile as the surface layer and pasted on the raised floor. The porcelain finished raised floor shows wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, fireproof and waterproof, green, and environmental protection. They have excellent decoration. You can see this kind of raised floor in banks and various high-end computer rooms.

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