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Anti-static Steel Raised Floor Using Problems

In the process of using raised floor, there may be some problems such as the sound when walking on the floor, floor collapse, veneer color fading and so on. These problems will cause security risks to the staff in the computer room. In addition, it may affect the regular use of the equipment. So why is there such a problem?

anti static steel raised floor

1. Raised floor makes a sound when walking

In general, the nonstandard installation of the raised floor may cause this problem. When the workers install the anti-static steel raised floor, screws are not tight. Or because the foundation ground is not flat, but the installation workers did not adjust the height of the pedestal one by one. As a result, the whole floor system is not balanced enough. In the follow-up use, these reasons are easy to cause the floor to loosen. Besides, there is a sound when walking on the raised floor. In addition, if the quality of the anti-static steel raised floor is too poor, the floor’s flatness will not meet the standard. And the floor will make a sound when walking. In this case, modify the floors to achieve satisfactory results. In severe cases, you should replace the entire floor system and it will cost more.

anti static steel raised floor showing

2. Collapse of raised floor

In using the anti-static floor, due to the poor quality of the pedestal or the long-term overweight of large equipment, the original pedestal is loose. Then the floor collapsed, causing potential safety hazards to the office staff in the computer room and damage to the equipment. To solve this problem, we need to select the qualified pedestal and stringer. Moreover, add additional support to reinforce the area with high bearing strength.

3. Discoloration and cracking of the veneer

Due to long-term wear, areas near the door and equipment may fade. In cold and dry areas, if the veneer of the raised floor is HPL, the veneer cracking will occur more quickly. For this kind of problem, you just need to replace the problematic part of the raised floor. Or in cold and dry areas, you can use PVC finished anti-static steel raised floor.

To avoid the above using problems of raised floor, it is necessary that anti-static steel raised floor have qualified quality at the beginning and carry out standard installation and correct maintenance.

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