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Choosing the Correct Raised Floors

In my last blog, we analyzed why we should install the raised floor, and we mentioned how to choose the correct raised floors, by the way. So let’s discuss ‘the method of choosing the correct raised floors’ in this blog.

So, what do you think about choosing the raised floors?

In my opinion, you don’t have to struggle with choosing one type of raised floor. You can use them together. Also, you can mean that we can install different types of raised floors according to different requirements.

Choosing the raised floor–in hallways

For example, in an office building. You can choose the porcelain finished raised floors in areas like hallways or aisles. The porcelain finished raised floor has an excellent decorative effect and good resistance against abrasion. People often come up and down in the hallways, and goods also need to be carried there. They will rub the raised floors. Porcelain-finished raised floors can solve this problem.

Porcelain raised floor

Choosing the raised floor–in offices

While in the office, you can select the OA network raised floor. We can use the wiring under the raised floors; You can also use it with grommets. So that the wiring can connect to various places in the office. It’s very convenient and beautiful. We can use carpets according to various styles to meet different needs on the top of raised floors. In this condition, we can create a warm and happy environment.

OA network raised floor

Choosing the raised floor–in data centers

In places such as data centers, computer rooms, and monitoring rooms, you can choose HPL finished anti-static raised floors with perforated raised floors together. The data center’s temperature, computer room, monitoring room, etc., will rise when the equipment operates. We can install a perforated panel to circulate the air and maintain a suitable temperature for the environment. However, perforated panels cost more( under the same load capacity), so we installed the two floors together. Of course, if the load capacity is high, we suggest installing a calcium sulphate raised floor. Because the cost will be very high when we use steel raised floor. To face the challenges of high-density cabinets and thermal load in a data center, Titanflor has developed a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions. Sensor fan-assist can automatically determine the on-site temperature and make real-time reflections based on sensor signals, automatically adjusting the temperature.

Anti-static Raised Floor

Choosing the raised floor–in cleanrooms

Of course, we recommended the above areas and raised floors are standard types. We suggest installing aluminum-raised floors in places with high requirements such as clean rooms, dust-free workshops, etc. The aluminum raised floor is made of die-casting aluminum alloy ingot; the whole panel is formed simultaneously. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good electrical conductivity, good fire resistance, anti-magnetic, and is not easy to deform. The performance is highly stable, and it is the most high-end product on the anti-static floor. Aluminum raised floors are also divided into solid panelsperforated panels, and grating panels, which we can use in combination according to the requirements in practical applications.

Aluminum Raised floor

In fact, you can contact us Titanflor, give us a call, leave a message, send an email to us, then we will provide you with our professional suggestions.

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