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Computer Room and Anti-static Raised Floor

Why should we use anti-static raised floor on computer rooms? There are some reasons to choose anti-static raised floor.

Effect of static electricity on computers

Static electricity is everywhere in our life and work, and its influence also cannot be ignored. Therefore, the anti-static technology on computer room becomes more and more important. The problem caused by static electricity is not only difficult for hardware personnel to find out. Moreover, sometimes it can also make software personnel mistakenly believe that it is a software failure, causing confusion in work. What’s more, when static electricity discharges through the human body to a computer or other equipment (so-called sparking), it will also give people the feeling of electric shock when the energy reaches a certain level.

effect of static electricity

Therefore,  to forbid the adverse effects to the equipment of large, medium or small computer rooms, anti-static raised floor is necessary.

Advantages of anti-static raised floor

1.It simplified the installation. Then it provides the flexibility to change and expansion the position of equipment in the future.
2.The equipment can be electrical connected under anti-static raised floor, which is convenient to laying and maintaining the equipment. So that the computer room can be clean and tidy.
3.It can prevent all kinds of cables ,wires,data cables and sockets from damaging.
4.Computers can obtain the air from the wind gap through the anti-static raised floor by under-floor space wherever the computer is.
5.It’s convenient to repair and maintain the bottom of the equipment.
6.It eliminates the harm to the human body caused by exposed cables.
7.By using the adjustability of anti-static raised floor, it eliminates the unevenness of the ground, so that the ground of computer room will be smoothly.

computer room raised floor

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