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Raised Floor — A Good Choice for Data Center

data center floor

In the information age, data centers are becoming more and more common. However, every data center often faces problems such as complex cabling and the environment failing to meet standards. The anti-static raised floor can solve the problem of static electricity and wiring in the data center and provide a new ventilation system, which has become the building foundation of the data center.

raised floor in data center

1. Convenient wiring

Running a large number of cables and equipment expedient is a complex problem for each data center. The anti-static raised floor uses the pedestal and stringer to form an overhead space for a free electrical connection between the floor and the ground. When all electrical connections go under the floor, the raised floor can protect cables, wires, and sockets from damage and eliminate the harm of cable exposure to the human body. At the same time, it also provides greater flexibility for the change and redevelopment of equipment configuration in the future, which is helpful for the update of various equipment.

2. Anti-static data center raised floor

Static electricity may be insignificant in our life, but it can destroy internal circuits, interfere with electronic equipment, lead to misoperation of equipment and cause huge losses. There usually has HPL or PVC covering on the raised floor used in the data center. The resistance of HPL is generally between 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 ohms, while the resistance of PVC can reach 10 ^ 4-10 ^ 6 ohms. Both of them have a specific anti-static effect. In addition, we can also take grounding measures such as laying copper foil and installing copper plates to achieve a better anti-static effect and reduce faults caused by static electricity.

3. Effective ventilation

In today’s data centers, each server rack can generate heat between 7 and 35 kW. Therefore, we must have a robust enough air conditioning system to cool all equipment and avoid problems caused by equipment overheating. When choosing the raised floor in the data center, the space between the raised floor and the ground can be used for wiring and the static pressure-wind storage of air conditioning. In addition, after using together with the perforated panel, no matter where the equipment is, the cooling air can go through the hole of the perforated panel to cool the equipment.

Therefore, the use of anti-static raised floor in the data center is in line with the development trend of the times. When we update the equipment, we do not need to deal with the time-consuming and expensive cable transfer problem. It can conveniently provide good cooling for the subsequent equipment, which is of sustainable development significance.

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