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Steel Raised Floor Market Situation in Qatar

In recent years, the construction industry in Qatar is developing continuously, and the demand for building materials is also on the rise. As a new type of building material, raised floor in Qatar is favored by the Qatar market because of its outstanding functionality.

Al Emadi Business Center raised floor in Qatar

Why raised floor in Qatar

The most common raised floors in the Qatar market are anti-static steel raised floor and OA network raised floor. Moreover, the most popular one is OA network raised floor. The entire OA network raised floor system includes floor, cross head pedestal, and flat head pedestal. The bottom plate of the OA network floor is deep-drawn steel plate.  Panel is SPCC steel plate. There is foamed cement fully infilled in the middle. Corner lock holes at the four corners. During the installation, we use screws to fix the floor panel on the pedestal, which significantly guarantees stability. It can ensures the safety of users. This kind of raised floor provides flexible wiring space for easy maintenance. Usually, people can lay carpets on the raised floor for better aesthetics. The OA network raised floor is very suitable for places such as 5A office buildings and intelligent offices.

Alfandan Towers

Why Titanflor

We, Changzhou Titan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., are a professional manufacturer of raised floors. Our company has provided customers with a full range of services in all aspects. Meanwhile, we has built Titanflor into a high-quality brand in the domestic raised floor market. At the same time, we have won the trust of the Qatar market with high-quality products, professional services, and very competitive prices. Titanflor provides high-performance raised floors for Alfandan Towers, Al Sendian Tower, Al Emadi Business Center, etc. Our raised floor in Qatar have achieved the best load-bearing capacity, Class A fireproof, and moisture resistance. For different applications, we can also provide customized raised floors to meet your requirements.

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