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A brief introduction of wood core raised floor

wood core raised floor

With the change of people’s consumption concept, environmental protection is more and more popular. However, the regular steel cement raised floor has a high recovery cost but a low recovery rate. As a new solution, the wood core anti-static raised floor came into being. It has a high loading capacity and good durability, and the recovery rate can reach more than 90%. It would be beneficial to the environment and reduce the carbon impact of buildings.

wood core panel structure

1. Structure

The redwood anti-static raised floor use high-density chipboard as the base material, galvanized steel plate or aluminum foil is pasted at the bottom, and the periphery is sealed with PVC edge. The veneer can choose HPL finish, PVC finish, ceramic, or carpet. It also has a Class A flame spread rating and excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance.

2. Characteristic

(1) Lightweight. The weight of a 600 * 600mm steel anti-static raised floor is at least 13kg, while the weight of a 600 * 600mm calcium sulphate anti-static raised floor is 18kg, but the weight of a 600 * 600mm wood core anti-static raised floor is only 10kg.

(2) Low noise. The wood core anti-static raised floor has a good sound insulation effect and can absorb noise and prevent sound from transmitting from one room to another.

(3) Good environmental protection. The base material of the wood core anti-static raised floor is high-density chipboard, consisting of wood chips, resin, and inert materials. Recyclability is very high.

(4) Simple operation. Light floor weight and high flexibility make the wood core anti-static floor more convenient for installation and disassembly.

wood core raised floor application

3. Application

The anti-static wood core raised floor has the advantages of high loading, lightweight, and various veneers for choosing, so the application is wide. It applies to computer rooms, data centers, control rooms, monitoring rooms, offices, schools, and public buildings. People will choose this floor when renovating the old building because of its high flexibility and lightweight. The bottom of the wood core raised floor is covered with aluminum foil or galvanized steel plate, and the PVC edge seals on the four sides. It has good sealing performance and is also applicable in high humidity areas.

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