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Wood-core Raised Floor

Encapsulated Chipboard Raised Floor

Encapsulated wood-core raised floor is fully wrapped around by hot-dipped galvanized steel. The top and bottom steel sheet is pressed and riveted, with high-density chipboard as the inside core.

Model: FS800-FS1500
Size: 600*600mm
Materials: Chipboard core, galvanized steel
Installation: Corner lock systems, stringer systems



Office building, telecommunication room, power station, factory clean room, fields with wiring requirements.

chipboard raised floor


  1. Light weight
  2. Recyclable & environment friendly
  3. Full steel encasement and good sealing
  4. Better water-proof performance
  5. High dimension accuracy

encapsulated pnale inside core


encapsulated panel chipboard technical parameter


The finished floor height(FFH) of the raised access floor, measured from the sub-floor to the top surface of the installed flooring system. In encapsulated panels installation, there are corner lock system and stringer system available.

Corner lock system, Stringer system

Production process

Why Encapsulated Panel?

Mordern offices need to adapt different layouts with different users and lessees, traditional facilities always become obsolete due to wiring and wiring distribution problems created by organisational changes and advances in technology, so building designers and facility managers need to face the challenges of constantly changing space needs while keeping life-cycle costs down.

Encapsulated panel systems can realize fast and easy installation, quick wire and cable changes, enhancing the ability to reconfigure the offices without disrupting power, voice and data services, as well as the air distribution systems. Compare with steel cement raised floor, chipboard raised floor has advantages such as light weight, recyclable & environment friendly, so wood-core raised floor is widely used.

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