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glass raised floor

Glass Raised Floor

Glass raised floor can be tempered glass, with high load capacity. It can be used together with all types of our raised floor products. Without removing any solid panels, underfloor condition can be monitored through glass raised floor.

Model: Thickness 20-30mm
Size: 600*600mm
Materials: tempered glass
Installation: stringer system



Places with unique decoration, workshops where request continuous monitor of underfloor equipment or environment

Glass Raised Floor Application


  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent load capacity
  • High decoration function
  • Convenient to monitor underfloor environment
  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

Glass Raised Floors

Why glass raised floor?

Glass flooring is convenient and widely used with standard raised floor. The transparency can be high which facilitate the maintenance of equipment under flooring, such as the cable interface, the instrument table, the presence or absence of water seepage and other faults, the hidden danger can be eliminated in advance.

Glass flooring has high integration, it can be seamlessly integrated with all kinds of raised access flooring. It is made of emulsified steel technology for one-time tempering, which can carry about 1 ton of weight. Its performance strength is much larger than ordinary tempered glass and tempered rubberizing process.

Glass flooring is suitable for a wide range environment, such as precision machine rooms, computer rooms, transparent floor landscape corridors, outdoor square stereo transparent tables, exhibition halls, art galleries, etc. For some special models, flooring can be customized according to the data and requirements provided by the user.

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