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raised floor grommet

Raised Floor Grommet

Raised floor grommet is made from flame-retardant A.B.S plastic resins, it can improve the bypass airflow availability to increases the cooling device efficiency and capacity. Besides, it can mitigate equipment heat loads and optimize the existing cooling infrastructure, extending IT equipment’s service life and increasing the data center reliability. There are different kinds of grommets, general grommet and brush grommet.




Office building, meeting rooms, data center, computer room and other areas require wire plan and allocation


  • Suit for various types of raised floor
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No influence on existing cables usage
  • Durable and corrosion resistance
  • Extends the service life of IT equipment
  • Increase the capacity of cooling devices
  • Improve cooling unit efficiency

Technical Parameters

grommet round Product Name Round Raised Floor Grommet
Material PP / plastic
Size 125mm
Color Black / white
grommet square Product Name Square Raised Floor Grommet
Material PP / plastic
Size 260*155*30mm
Color Black / white
round brush grommet Product Name Round Brush Grommet(Dismountable)
Material PP / Plastic, brush
Size 100mm
Color Black / white
brush grommet square Product Name Square Brush Grommet
Material PP / plastic, brush
Size 280*210*45mm
Color Black / white

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