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conductive PVC tile

Conductive PVC Tile

Conductive PVC tile utilizes an conductive network electrostatically, which is formed by the interface of plastic particles. It ensures permanent conductive properties of ESD flooring. The main materials of ESD flooring are polyvinyl chloride resin, conductive materials, stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments and other auxiliary materials. The pattern of a ESD flooring resembles a marble pattern, it has a good decorative effect.

Model: TT801-TT819
Thickness: 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Size: 600*600mm, 610*610mm, 900*900mm



Conductive PVC tiles are widely used in clean room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, hospitals, data center & computer room, and other areas that require anti-static or conductive environment

conductive PVC tile


  • Permanent conductive properties
  • Excellent dimension stability
  • More patterns for better decorative effect
  • Improved ware and ease of maintenance
  • Fireproof, waterproof and corrosion protection

Product information

Item Standard Data
Size(mm) SJ/T11236-2001 600*600, 610*610, 900*900
Thickness(mm) SJ/T11236-2001 2.0, 2.5, 3.0
Weight(g/㎡) SJ/T11236-2001 3980(2mm Thickness)
Dimensional ASTM F2199:2009 ≤0.25%
EN 434

Test parameter

Item Standard Data
Electrical Resistance(Ω) SJ/T11236-2001 Conductive EC
Dispassive SD
EN1081 Conductive EC
Dispassive SD
Statiing Voltage SJ/T11236-2001 50V 100V
AATCC-134 |V|<100V
Static Decay(s) GJB2605-1996 ≤2
FTM1080-4046 0.01 0.01
Wear Resistance EN660-2 Class P
ASTM D1044-13 Circle: 2500
Gauge loss(%): 0.48
Circle: 5000
Gauge loss(%): 0.95
Fire Resistance SJ/T11236-2001 FV-0
EN13501-1 Bfl-s1
Slip Resistance Wet DIN 51130 R9
EN13893 ≥0.3
Residual Concavity SJ/T11236-2001 ≤0.15
EN433 0.03
Color Fastness ISO 105B 02 ≥6
Chemical Products Resistance EN ISO 26987:2012 OK
Toxic Texting EN 71-3 OK
GB 18586-2001
TVOC After 28 Days(μg/m³) ISO 16000-3 <10

Production process


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