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Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Panel

Encapsulated panel is fully wrapped around by hot-dipped galvanized steel. The top and bottom steel sheet is pressed and riveted, with calcium sulphate board or chipboard as the inside core.

Model: FS800-FS1500
Size: 500*500mm, 600*600mm
Materials: calcium sulphate board, galvanized steel
Installation: corner lock systems, stringer systems



Office building, telecommunication room, power station, factory clean room, fields with wiring requirements.

encapsulated panel application


  • Excellent fireproof performance
  • Recyclable & environment friendly
  • Excellent load performance
  • Full steel encasement and good sealing
  • Better water-proof performance
  • High dimension accuracy


Technical parameters

The raised floor will be with a safety factor of three times the concentrated (design) load, and is capable of meeting static and dynamic loads per CISCA Platform (Raised Access) Floors Performance Specification.

encapsulated panel calcium sulphate board technical parameter


The finished floor height(FFH) of the raised access floor, measured from the sub-floor to the top surface of the installed flooring system. In encapsulated panels installation, there are corner lock system and stringer system available.

Corner lock system, Stringer system

Production process

Quality inspection

Why calcium sulphate floor?

Environment friendly & recyclable

The content of gypsum powder and reinforced fiber can be more than 85%, the recyclable material of a calcium sulphate board can be from 90% to 97%. It can meet the requirement of LEED evaluation for projects. At the end of its life, recoverable indicator is a very important factor in both economical and environmental aspect nowadays.

Acoustical characteristics

calcium sulphate raised floor generates micro-holes due to crystallization, the material structure, design features and high production precision of calcium sulphate raised floor provide excellent acoustic values. The extremely good walk-on properties offer a high degree of comfort and create a perfect working ambience.

  • 28-51 dB(with covering)
  • 14-70dB(without covering)

Fire resistance

Calcium sulphate raised floor owns the best fire resistance in all kinds of raised floor, so it can offer a most valuable solution functional as well as safety advantages. calcium sulphate raised floor is non-combustible, this allows a raised floor to meet a F60 classification, depending on the overall height. The building height determines the amount of air (and thus oxygen) located under the raised floor, as one of the 3 essential factors for fire.

Moisture resistance

Calcium sulphate raised floor has a good performance to a (slight) degree of moisture. It is easier to maintain and clean floor, service life of floor will also be longer than a chipboard floor.

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