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Why Raised Floor

According to the application places, there are mainly two kinds raised floor, anti-static flooring and network flooring. They have been applied to industrial and commercial buildings for decades, and they are still popular nowadays. Raised floor is irreplaceable on some particular occasions because it does face challenges and offer solutions.

raised floor advantage

What problems do we face?

The main application place of network flooring is the office environment. The main application place of anti-static flooring is the data center, server room and so on.


Modern offices need to adapt different layouts with different users and lessees. Traditional facilities always become obsolete due to wiring distribution problems created by organizational changes and advances in technology, so building designers and facility managers need to face the challenges of constantly changing space needs while keeping life-cycle costs down.

office building

Data center

Electrostatic discharge can cause severe damage to precision electronic equipment in the data center. Only 25 volts of electrostatic discharge can cause damage or destruction of electrical equipment.

In data centers, computer rooms and all places with large numbers of electronic devices, owners need to find a way to eliminate the harmful effect to all their devices, so these devices’ life can last longer. At the same time, huge and complicated wiring is a big headache.

data center complex wiring

The advantage of raised floor

Different environments face different problems, but raised floor can solve all these problems.

Network raised flooring

The network floor can realize quick and easy installation, fast replacement of wires and cables, and enhance reconfiguring the office. To achieve this, there is no need to do any damage or modification to the structure and walls of the house, which significantly reduces the cost of the owner.
office network flooring

There are various materials for network flooring, the most commonly used materials are steel raised floor and calcium sulphate panel. Both of them have good load capacity, and the materials can be waterproof, fireproof, and anticorrosive. The surface material on the network flooring is usually square carpets. The carpet has a wide range of colors and types, which can meet your various requirements.

Anti-static raised flooring

In addition to the characteristics of network flooring, anti-static flooring can also effectively conduct static electricity. The anti-static finish on the surface can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity, it protects the electronic equipment. There are different kinds of anti-static finishes, such as laminate, PVC and ceramic.

anti static flooring

There are always a large number of lines in the data centers, they can be placed under the raised floor freely. As raised floor is easy to disassemble and assemble, lines or equipment can be overhauled or rearranged without interrupting the power, voice and data services.

There are also different types of perforated panels for data centers. They can be used in conjunction with the general floor, supply or return air to the ventilation system under the floor, distribute the air in the room, and create more comfortable conditions.

perforated panel in data center

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